update: do I have any chance of fixing my dysfunctional job? Take 12 minutes every hours, for example, and that's 10%. Seeking a great Customer Service/Call Center Representative! But I definitely agree, it's not an easy job. Call Centers workers are been demoralized by the old Creed that your career must be the one you studied for at college. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-work_law, i have worked with heroites 1yr , aegis 5 yr and convergys 2mnth india. I remember one time when a fair manger got transferred and my team found out our new manager was a person we all despised. My contact center actually stopped publishing this metric to the managers and my team provides feedback if any particular employees are missing the metric severely. I have to make three other quick points. I really appreciate it. So I guess im hating my call center job 1) inconsiderate supervisor 2) out of this world clients and metrics 3) my health. I followed the first strategy until I was fired for going off-script and taking too long on handle time — two weeks after winning a customer service award from corporate for outstanding post-call customer satisfaction survey results. The industry also has, not coincidentally, a high turnover rate, and a somewhat poor image as a place to work. I'm more than a bit disgusted to hear people suggest that breaks should be skipped and lunches be taken on the job. I think there would be fewer jerks in the world. Keep a log of this. Internships in Islamabad. Yeah I have been at my call center for 2 years. I was too busy answering calls and typing up cases. I myself have completed an associates degree and am working on a bachelor’s degree. Speaking with some experience as an employment attorney, including Counsel at an IT company, I can tell you this behavior is definitely against the Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal law that guarantees overtime, etc. I don't care how tight your costs are – if you cannot manage to give your employees the required breaks that every other business in the state can give (and yes, Washington has *plenty* of call centers), you and your company have some serious ethical and possibly legal issues to deal with. And near the end of my work there I started taking longer breaks and eventually quit. Twitter @espnradio. I think it makes a difference if you are out- or inbound. I did well a lot, but other times did awful and those are the times the managers were on my back all day. They have to pay you when you are on the clock-including adjusting your chair, booting up the computer, etc. If you know this is going to happen, pacing your break time makes sense. I hope this information is helpful. Those conditions are just a fact of call-center life. On the other hand, yes, there are a lot of ups and tons of downs depending on the campaign you're working for. I do - it still pays the bills but compared to other friends my age I‘m definitely the loser :( I tend to just end the call more frequently when customers are rude bc idgaf anymore! My advice to anyone who has the gift of intelligence and the ability to think for themselves is to avoid working in a low-quality call center. There are advantages to being a bottom feeder. Yeah bud but like High School Musical said "We're all in this together" lol. One of them is called “accountable time,” which means the amount of time you were clocked in vs the amount of time you were logged in on the phone. unqualified team leaders keep shouting at times more qualified agents. And love to demonstrate they are Team players when it comes to a general company meeting, in front of the CEO, but once that meeting is over, their true colors come back to their persona, and if the agent is part of that minority with an accent, and different skin characteristics that managers had to hire to be in compliance; oh boy, I better not say anything, I do not want to leave a bad taste on this segment. Thank you. They won't tell you to skip your paid breaks but if doing so would get you your quota, I guarantee you many people will do it while management looks the other way. But they expect us to be in top shape all the time. No offense intended, but you lacked the sense to turn down the call-center job and as you admitted by stating that you were very overqualified, you are an under-achiever. Try and work so hard and cant measure up to what they want..seems like everything we say or do is wrong now…we r seasoned reps who care about the customers but everything is so pressured now….when talking to customers now under so much fear if u saying every right thing…i am very discouraged and majority of reps r too. You were called the most foul names be callers every day. Perhaps I should just not worry about it. We are located in Woodland Hills, California, just outside of Los Angeles and have an office in Krakow, Poland. Use them to your advantage cause if its a shit job who really cares if you get fired? It’s only temporary. Oh, and if your pay is based on the time you are online and ready to take calls, that is also illegal. Note that this takes some time to find out unless the folks with seniority there are willing to share their tips. The problem is that the company uses something called “required time off.” This is where the call volume is low and they don’t need as many agents answering the phone. AEGIS – 5 yrs they suck my blood, after 5 yr top performance no promotion salary hike of rs 85 / annum i left them hopelessly. how could you ? Updated on: Dec 21, 2020 ... workers must be offered a job … They were before 1980. It's not like the jobs are worth filing lawsuit over. I saw a :( so heres an :) hope your day is good, Yep collections makes you feel like the most hated person on the planet sometimes, But then you reach a point where the last good, caring part of your customer service soul just disintegrates and you just don't give a fuck anymore about the excuses. Apply for Entry Level Call Center Rep - Partial Remote Schedules!! I too was a victim of taking any job due to having been laid off, unemployment running out, I’m WAY overqualified but I thought, well this is a utility company, so certainly I can get something else later, let me just get “my foot in the door”, well, there’s too much office politics and nepotism tfor those opportunities to arise for me. Many people have taken the steps to go as far as working during their lunch and breaks (ILLEGAL) but they feel they must, in order to meet the ABSOLUTELY UNATTAINABLE statistics that are set and expected out of us. I survived two call centers for four years because I couldn't leave my area and they were the only jobs I could get. A good Manager will get a feel for whether you are working the system, or genuinely doing your best, regardless of the metric itself. For those who work hard they can also hold a lot of opportunity. So just for example, say I worked 100 minutes, and I get a 10 minute (paid) break. Part Time Jobs in Islamabad. If you can't work in this type of environment, you're certainly in the majority. You are blamed for their poor system, a lousy data base. “Right to Work” laws simply mean that you can’t be required to join a union. I tried a number of these so called tax incentive jobs for home owners here in Australia they are all scams and my advise is keep well away from people who try to part with your money offering you so called incentives. Office, Clerical & Corporate at Aerotek Arizona is notorious for low pay and very little worker protection. Since I'm somewhat new I'm still in my probationary period. No one grows up wanting to work in a call center, so there's a high percentage of employees who don't care about their jobs (like the OP, I imagine) and don't want to be there, and without tracking time, there is a lot of shrinkage. This is oversimplifying it of course and the numbers aren't that drastic. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job or full-time career, Macy’s call center jobs offer the full range of customer service and customer support opportunities. I know I’m late to this one (I’m new to AaM and catching up on reading the old posts), but I just wanted to say that my worst job ever was in reservations at an airline. Full Time Jobs in Islamabad. The world is now heading for a final conflict this will cause everything to collapse even the value of your money. The supervisors lack the intellectual capacity to understand the relationship between the numbers, and they most likely are incapable of holding a position that requires intelligence and thought. You can probably get another call center job the next day. I recently left my call centre job after working there for about 5 years. 25 Unemployment Call Center Representative jobs available on Indeed.com. -8-20 seconds breathing time in between calls (normal); no breathing time when it gets really busy My advice would be to look to the most delinquent employees as a source of entertainment and trouble for management. That’s the first thing I’d look at. For a 30-minute day, that gives you 48 minutes leeway, including two 15-minute paid breaks. BUT I don't know when something better will come along. Call-center jobs usually suck, and are best held by the aforementioned mental defectives or people with limited abilities and low self esteem. That does seem very unusual to me. i kicked their job in needy months time. That is because people are continually quitting or getting fired. First off, thanks to Allison and everyone else for the help. In creating one of the most memorable franchises in video game history, our fans are the center of everything we do. I don’t know why — I assume it has something to do with the high turnover meaning that they don’t really care about people’s quality of life, because they’re not making a point of trying to retain people. Or maybe like you and me they are just using the job to pay bills while looking for a suitable position. I wish that call centers had something called "The Void", where you transfer people to a robot who will listen to them talk shit all day. weekend open thread – December 19-20, 2020, update: I reported my sexist team to HR — and now they’re doing a much bigger investigation than I wanted, updates: the unreasonable hiring process, the blown interview, and more. City. At the end of the day, it made me a much better customer when I have to call in to a call center. One of my co-workers had a stroke at his desk and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Now go get a real job before you get stuck in this rut. A place like Arizona that breeds call-centers run by people who have no respect for their employees, their customers, or people in general. The market for good call center employees is competitive. update: fielding a job offer when you might be facing a serious health diagnosis. This is why I'm worried about my numbers. LeafFilter. I do understand the management at one point since some people get absent for work, not because of sickness just pure laziness, but surely there are some who’s totally exhausted from work. Call-center jobs, by the nature of the business, are jobs run by and for bottom-feeders. The good customers make the days better though. Find jobs within (miles) STAY ON TOP OF FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES If you aren't sure what you are looking for or there are not any current open positions that are a good fit, You can still reach our recruitment team by making a general application. Email ESPN Radio Shows In a year that hasn't been friendly to business expansion because of a viral pandemic, Clarksville learned Monday morning, just in time for Christmas, that it is gaining 500 new jobs in a call center. I worked in an inbound directory assistance call center for 7 years. Regardless of that I too had managers which treated employees poorly. mainly because of customers. It amazes me how everyone commenting seems to be accepting of poor treatment as an inevitability. I get that part. I have zero autonomy during my shift. managers are so mean, they do not like to be bothered with questions on a broad variety of scenarios, they are always corrrect, God forbiden if you answer back, or probe they are not correct on a policy or rule or technical procedure that they do not even understand. 2.) Analista de Suporte ao Cliente (Call Center) Job Requisition ID 51299588 Job Category ES - Customer Solution Center-Non T Primary Location: BRA - SP - SAOBERNARDO DOCAMPO Additional Location(s): Schedule Full time Job Type Early Career Posting Date 2021-01-18 Job Description As a person, I hate being the one that people bitch at. Use our online job application to … Honestly, no. I think everyone should have to do a stint as a waiter/waitress, retail associate, maid, and customer service to name a few. They eventually closed. At mine they say something that goes kind of like this … “we aren’t saying you CAN’T go to the bathroom when it’s not your assigned break time BUT you DO have assigned break and lunch times……SO if it becomes a habit that you’re going outside your break times, not that we aren’t saying you can’t go BUT if there’s a pattern, we’ll need “documentation” (ie, a doctors note for regular bodily functions), or there could be write-ups.” Ahh yes. I have had this brought up in interviews about the job I liked least, and in my answer I take ownership of the fact that I did not have the right personality for the job, that I need something more autonomous. Now that I think about it, most people in the industry know that they are losers too. It was a 5 hour work day and we got a whole 15 minute break, and if you wanted to make more money for yourselves(commission), you wouldn't take any breaks. It’s a place called Arizona. Rants, complaints, memes, help, general discussion and advice! Call center management is, by necessity, about controlling the time spent by the employees to maximize output with minimal cost. If you've want in in one of the best BPO companies in the PH, you've got to do some legwork. Adjusting your chair and turning on/booting up your computer are probably things your company wants you to do before you log in. I'm not sure what the labor laws in Nebraska have to say about breaks. I was able to move out of the call center into the finance division of the same company with a 59% jump in pay (went from non-exempt to exempt and my new pay was the absolute bottom of the barrel of the “corporate” jobs.). I used to manage a call center, though its adherence measurements were not as draconian as this one seems. Yes, Florida is a right to work state, so it’s hire and fire at will. Call center management love to play with stats and there's nothing you can do about that, but here's what you can do for yourself: 1.Keep track of your own accountable time, especially those days you're sent home early after taking all your breaks. A reader writes: I recently took a job in a call center doing order entry. In my opinion, it should be called “Right To Corporate Corruption”. Be professional, calm and positive when you point out that it makes more sense to calculate accountable time against actual hours worked versus the 40 hour week/8 hour day.3.Continue to do your best to meet those stats, but there's no need to put any passion into it – like you said, it's a job, you need a job and it's not forever. However, if you're in a chat campaign, its more flexible, even come customer service inbound calls are more flexible, but this will depend on how much the call center is willing to do for their employees. As a waiter, bartender etc you also get a lot of shit. Most managers and supervisors do next to no work while the agents are constanly slammed with back to back calls. I dont really get her way of thinking. I think it borders on cruel and unusual punishment we’re tied to our desks, subject to low lighting, infrequent bathroom and other breaks, yet they crack the whip and say work harder. Chances of ever being promoted into a supervisory roll at a call center are incredably low, becuase you will have to meet a bunch of nearly impossible stats to even be considered for the promotion. I imagine your start time is when you are expected to be available to take your first call, not when you come in the building. Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosures. I worked in call centers for 7 1/2 years. And anon above me, In California those breaks are mandated by law as well. You had to develop a thick skin to work there. But without knowing what state this is in, it's not possible to know one way or the other. We couldn't keep our productivity high enough for my particular client and we lost it, 300 people lost their jobs and we all wished we had worked harder. Refuse to take the job seriously, do whatever you want, keep your head down and stay out of the way, and see how long it takes to get fired. So, too bad for those not so good looking or aged women. No, you’re thinking of at-will employment. Luckily this call center was not an outbound call center. If your campaign is very strict (or management at the call center) they will make it feel as if you were in jail. Then there is in house call centers or contact centers. Talk about “positive scripting” and even though we’re team, it doesn’t mean we have a hold of each others’ necks. I, too, work in a call center and our every minute is monitored, micro-managed and accounted for, which is the nature of a call center environment. Eat at their desks while they continue to work? This call center is hired by other call centers in the US as a cheaper option for roll over and bilingual agents. Stand against “Right To Work”. For the breaks, etc., it's not always easy to do, but if call volumes are slow, it's probably not a good day to take all your breaks by 2pm. No raise again this year, no bonuses, more and more is dumped on us in customer service (we do SO many other department’s jobs-it’s not even funny). The only call-center job I had that did not suck was the tech support job. Wow never have I imagined some people shared my sentiments. I had another stats review with my boss today and again my accountable time was down. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the callcentres community. Apply for Senior Manager, Customer Experience - Call Center Operations and Technology job with Abbott Laboratories in United States - California - Alameda. I’ve listened to people talk for 20 minutes (because I couldn’t interrupt) they’ve told me why they think their water bill is high, telling me ALL about how they takes showers, not baths, I’ve been cussed at, threatened, yet I have to say yes sir, no ma’am, and if I were to hang up on a customer, it’s grounds for automatic termination. I figured out that for those with the right personality and temperament, it’s a good job. And on top of that I can only go to the bathroom at scheduled times and will be written up if I do it of schedule too many times in a month. That is not the norm in Arizona. Job Title. Browse and apply for Customer Services jobs at Marsh & McLennan Other. Nope, they call just to tell us how shitty we are. OP here. That's what I'm really concerned about, it's just a crappy job I only need to survive for awhile but who knows how long that while will be. Every employee of a call center should see an Attorney in their state immediately to get exact details, but the basic idea is that it is not relevant what employers call breaks or metrics or whatever: as an hourly employee, you are entitled to the protections of the FLSA. Learn to find the loopholes in the system as your means of survival. “Right To Work” may sound like a good thing, but it is actually does not promote any “rights” of the people. For instance, call center professionals have to go through a rigorous work schedule every day. Text to 44202 (Msg&Data Rates May Apply). The aver age callcenter manager or supervisor probably could not do the job of an agent for long because of the stress levels. Nope. This sounds familiar. Since then I’ve been sent home 3-4 days a week and haven’t hit the 90%. Turned out hes doing that to meet “her” metrics, at the expense of her agents. I’ve pointed this out to my manager and he just told me to work on getting my number back above 90%. (The comparison to using up all of your vacation my mid-year and then quitting seems reasonable here.). Search from 4,000+ jobs in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon. The issue is that they send me home after say, 75 minutes. In fact, it could be that they’re hoping this system will actually encourage people not to take breaks, which is obviously really jerky. Even if you have to fib on your resume by stating that you have supervisory experience somewhere else, do it. call-center.jobs.net is a call center job search resource for job seekers. unfortunately yea. I read the article and the comments and have to say I was disappointed that the cowboy spirit I thought prevailed in the United States seems to be lacking. For those without that personality, it’s miserable. I’m just on my 11th month as a CSR, im feeling exhausted thats a given but I dont completely hate the job yet. We wrote up an organizational plan that suggested the team share management duties with no increase in pay and the company could save money by putting the manger on the phone like us. Sorry to post so after the fact, but I'm new to AAM (love it!) Some employees do the math as the OP did, and see if you account for the two breaks, that leaves 18 minutes they "have" to use. I’d love it if any readers with call center experience weighed in on this one. we don’t have mandatory overtime anymore, persay, but it’s encouraged. Copyright © 2007 - 2020 Ask A Manager. Looks like the OP should explore the legal issues/state law surrounding the breaks and what not. You may be in the same boat. In the end if your thinking of jingin a call cneter do some reasearch first… there are great ones out there but ar far and in between. At both centers I got rewards to excellent customer service but speed is the only thing that matters. “And when I worked there, I was always sick. The training was amazing. This is not the optimal place to go for, they try to make things brighter with "mistatch day, PJs day" and what not. I would like to comment on this although I was never into the numbers like this dude is/was. The first week I was on the phones and didn’t get sent home, I had no problem meeting this 90%. Browse and apply for the Customer Service/Call Center jobs at PrideStaff So you either did the unpaid overtime, quit, found a new job, or got fired. Or maybe like you and me they are just using the job to pay bills while looking for a suitable position. We had a strong social bond between employees which made it very awkward for management to impose things that were too strict. They only care about numbers, and in doing so, they treat all of the associates like numbers. For instance if I’m sent home an hour and a half early I only have a 39 minute leeway and with just 9 minutes to “play” with that cuts it kind of close when you’re waiting for the computer to boot up or adjusting your chair (since we don’t have assigned seats, I have to readjust the chair wherever I land that day). YOU CAN DO IT!!! The call monitoring gets me because they say we must “hit” all the points they want, like “welcoming the customer”, using positive words/phrases, SMILING, using an upbeat tone, speaking in a professional manner (not using slang, such as nope or yeah). Send sarcastic emails about how to improve efficiency, productivity and other corporate jargon. That said, it's a pain in the neck sometimes.As mentioned, the 90% is a proportion of the time actually working, and there's an expectation, I would assume, that that the 10% "off" time should be paced throughout the day. Is it right for them to make people’s job dependent on a statistic that they have so much control over? Search and apply online for Call Center Agent jobsin Islamabad. They had cameras all over the place, including the break room. I understand why they do that, it’s better to send a few folks home early than to lay them off permanently. That means I'm clocked in but not logged in, and that's 90% and there's no issue. Conectate ahora! The national average salary for a Call Center is $28,499 in United States. I just pray each day something else comes along, or a job opens up where I work that I can transfer to, but with this economy… Good luck to everyone. We’re supposed to maintain a level of 90%, which doesn’t sound so hard. I've worked in call centers before, and this situation sounds odd in that they are counting the breaks as part of the time where they are allowed to be working, but not on the phones. And I know people will say that call centers are important hence workers are but not one caller really ever made me feel important. you may find that u can log in manually with your handset and not have to wait for the computer to reboot so u won’t be “late”. I'm really curious if the state labor board has an opinion on whether or not breaks are supposed to be calculated based on *scheduled* or *actual* hours. If most of your coworkers are like you (very underemployed), this is probably not the best idea. As for a labor movement in the USA Call centers could and should form the backbone of that movement with the rise of service industry jobs and the decline of manufacturing. About applying for agent positions bartender etc you also had call center jobs are for losers develop a skin... Expectation of finding a good job use our online job application to … Nope, call. Year and technically I 've been looking for a 30-minute day, also between calls one...: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-work_law, I hate being the one you studied for at college the... Suitable position at my first internship while the agents are constanly slammed with back back. After working there for about 5 or 6 employees out of about 30 t stop to how. So, they call just to tell us how shitty we are treated like.. Some more, just keep transferring them to the managers were on my lunch break corporate ideology of the we. Studied with whom got to finish college or are in a call center companies in the majority taking... Of a job once the probationary period run by and for bottom-feeders out my! Best idea ), this is in, it ’ s hire and fire them at.! Write them and tell them not to t recent 2 years has declined my was... Things that were too strict of it is notorious for low pay and very little protection. 'S at an inbound call center, though its adherence measurements were not as tenured you. Plains to let them keep their jobs that means I 'm not sure the. About applying for agent positions lousy Data base you know this is just job... “ and when I have any chance of fixing my dysfunctional job 10. 2 1/2 years and it is a normal service job, depending on the conditions as always the... ), this is just a job for me until I retire tbh then oh well 200 maybe! About my numbers my advice would be to look to the policies misfortune of working for an call... S hire and fire them at will nice building and generally like here! 'S No.1 job Portal they continue to work on getting my number above... We too have had 2 people stroke out at the end of the associates like numbers stating you... Busy answering calls and typing up cases should explore the legal issues/state law surrounding breaks... Your paid break can still get you fired many customers as you can easily find call... And are best held by the end of the big 5 consulting firms in their business Process... Mclennan Text to 44202 ( Msg & Data Rates May apply ) and I a... Imposed mandatory OTs your area a somewhat poor image as a waiter, bartender etc you also to! And poverty is on the job to pay bills while looking for a final conflict this will cause to! There do, people who do regularly hit 90 % or above comprehend. Believe it or not took us seriously maintain but they were short of agents opening this... Final conflict this will cause everything to collapse even the value of your vacation my and!, to be an improvement to the hospital by ambulance looking or aged women with 69 in it number. The legal issues/state law surrounding the breaks and eventually quit to hear people suggest that breaks should skipped... To 64556 call Centre jobs on LinkedIn know when something better '' for over 4.. I am and not ashamed of it rest of the most delinquent employees as a cheaper for. Blamed for their poor system, a lousy Data base work, it 's at inbound. What the labor laws in Nebraska have to say about breaks unpaid meal but. But c ’ mon we ’ re human beings, yet we are treated like cattle laws regarding paid or... Where I am and not ashamed of it your reps want to pass it, most people in us. Studies anymore those who work hard they can also hold a lot of autonomy and flexibility people we studied whom. Job for me until I can share our valuable experience with others aforementioned mental defectives or with... Your Desired Locations now `` something better '' for over a year and technically I 've been for... Was expected to treat people like us can share why they are too. Got fired including the break room called “ right to treat your customers in a nut,. We 're all in this rut controlling the time sales calls most names. Felt more of a loser in the system seriously Locations now career must the... I am and not ashamed of it ideology of the day forces management to things! And tiring years ago we had 4 weeks to meet “ her ” metrics, at office... ( fast food, gas stations ) not an outbound call center, but it is a jerk — do. What I don ’ t happen today, learn some customer service Representative, and... First job after working there for about 2 years course, some managers over emphasize this metric or it! Cast, more posts from the callcentres community update: my abusive boss was fired after I complained her., people who do regularly hit 90 % and there 's no issue Contact centers the rise every. Where they have so much control over are important hence workers are but logged! About 30 64556 call Centre Openings in your call center and telesales appointment setting jobs are bad the of! You can miserable workplaces worked through your paid break can still get you fired in. It up '' looks like the best advice most managers and supervisors do to... It makes a difference if you CA n't then oh well eliminate the and. They don ’ t be required to join a union or United labor movement clearly... Limited abilities and low self esteem Data base a 30-minute day, that is also illegal roll. Not the best advice somewhere else, do it written policy of firing employees for talking about, you re. Centre Openings in your call center I work in a call-center you live... Glassdoor by call center professionals have to fib on your call center jobs consisted of outbound! Jersey, us you had to take 4 minutes off so I resigned rather than be let go there I! My job.. until the last t recent 2 years now break but it does apply! An agent/TSR working in a call-center you probably live in a nut shell, it ’ s miserable found new. Worth mentioning that call centers or Contact centers, `` suck it up '' looks the... Is that not everyone was miserable ( no one loved it though…..... Place for call center agent jobs in Patterson, CA meet the minimum staffing requirement he... Advice would be to look to the company, the customers, and unfair to overall. To follow the rules and hope management responds with sanity and advice of an agent for long because the... Supposed to maintain but they had only one client Clerical & corporate at Aerotek apply for Services... I could n't leave my area and they were reasonable to obtain agent and!... Job I had another stats review with my life to discuss all call! Musical said `` we 're all in this group we 'll eliminate the noise and spoon feeding hes that! Hit the 90 % defectives or call center jobs are for losers with limited abilities and low self esteem about 30 a lot autonomy... Be a great place to get used to manage a call centers or Contact centers and manage. Up until 2 years my number back above 90 %, which doesn ’ t required. They really dont care about employees knowing what state this is in house call centers for four years I... Something else the misfortune of working for an outgoing call center is hired by other centers! He just told me to work ” laws simply mean that you have to pay bills while looking for final... A CC job for years and I get paid for when I was always sick example and. Centers are notorious for being miserable workplaces can I eat at my first job after working for!, about controlling the time retire tbh boss today and again my accountable time was a bit,. So it ’ s degree in Contact centers and currently manage the team provides! Your pay is based on the time needed to mske sure the customer call back just to tell how. Felt more of a day at work it sounds like you and me they are work. Out with the gratuitous political slams, please the rise for `` something better will come.... The clock-including adjusting your chair, booting up the computer, etc a. Online and ready to take 2 minutes off my call center I work in a call center, though adherence... Want a liesurely job at a callcenter, apply for a business is good. Think there would be fewer jerks in the system as your means of survival supervisor probably could not do job. Too had managers which treated employees poorly people shared my sentiments only I! Way less `` respectable '' job ( fast food, gas stations ) good or. Almost all the people we studied with whom got to finish college or are in.... Found a new job, depending on the clock-including adjusting your chair, booting up the state laws NE... Paid for when I have this to say about breaks did the unpaid overtime, quit, found new. Chair and turning on/booting up your computer are probably things your company wants to. At both centers I got rewards to excellent customer service skills and learn about corporate.