.300 Win Mag projectiles are 7.8mm in diameter, and the cartridge is 3.34 inches long. Re: 270 WSM vs 300 WSM [Re: copperking81] #14563734 02/11/20: Joined: Jan 2001. Tweet This Product. Unfortunately, the 300 PRC does have more recoil than the .300 Win Mag though. Hope this helps! I hoping to use a lighter hunting rifle like Christensen arms or fierce rival leaning toward the fierce but it runs a 1:9 twist and your writing refers to pro 1:8 twist that lost the other rifles run. Mag. The fact is the 30 Nosler and 300 PRC were made to compete with the 300 Win Mag, so this is why I am focusing on these three. Maximum pressure for the .300 Win Mag and maximum pressure and cartridge dimensions for the 300 PRC were obtained from SAAMI (p172 for the .300 Win Mag) and here for the 300 PRC. To be fair, the .300 WSM does offer one advantage over the new PRC kid on the block: If you want a very short, light .30-caliber magnum rifle, this is your best bet. Mag. Does the 300 PRC provide enough benefits for hunters and shooters to justify making the switch over to the new cartridge? Basically, having more head height means the 300 PRC offers more room outside the case for bullets than the .300 Win Mag. You might ask, “Why didn’t they just use a 7 WSM?” Great question! Otherwise, i think you’re unnecessarily handicapping yourself and I’m not sure how much of an advantage the 300 PRC will provide you over your 300 Win Mag. Re: .300 PRC vs .300 Win #13378040 12/20/18: … You probably have saved the 300 wsm brass. My plan would be to use the rifle for deer/elk. This can also help enhance accuracy. I myself am wondering what is more practical on the side of reloading, hunting, distance shooting. So a .300 WSM Winchester Short Magnum round exits the barrel with kinetic energy equal to the energy required for linear vertical displacement of 3580 pounds through a one foot distance, while a .308 Winchester round exiting the barrel has energy equal to the amount required to displace 2620 pounds over the same one foot distance. If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. and the .308 Win. Even so, the ammo selection for the cartridge will almost certainly improve in the future if the cartridge continues to grow in popularity. 6 comments. $440. All the Gods,All the heavens,All the Hells are with in you. Also, the .300 Win. This will likely change in the future, but Hornady is the only major ammunition company currently producing 300 PRC ammo. Alex Joseph-July 26, 2019. Mag. One of the advantages of the 300 PRC case is that its base measures .532, which is the same as the .300 Winchester Magnum. Is the .300 PRC smoke and mirrors or the REAL DEAL? Basically, the 300 PRC is capable of firing a heavier, more aerodynamic bullet at virtually the same velocity attained by the .300 Win Mag when using lighter bullets. As you can see, it incorporates a number of features to help accomplish that goal. Like the 300 Norma Mag, the 300 PRC cartridge is a non-belted magnum. While the 300 PRC was purpose built for long range shooting, the .300 Win Mag was primarily designed for hunters. While the 300 PRC can use those lighter bullets, it’s most commonly available with either 212gr or 225gr bullets in factory loads. The increase in length of the .300 WM over the .300 WSM is greater than the increased wideness of the case of the .300 WSM. Though the .30-06 was and is a great option for many uses, hunters and shooters looking for more power or better long range performance have flocked towards the various .30 caliber magnum cartridges for many decades. To do my best at comparing applea to apples I compared 200 gr bullets. However, the actual body diameter of the 300 PRC is the same diameter as the belt on the .300 Win Mag. Jan 17, 2017 #21 S. specneeds Member. 1 Attachment(s) Quote: Originally Posted by shorthairsrus. John. The 300 Win. The .300 Win Mag and the 300 PRC both fire the same .308″ diameter bullets. Mag. Hudge. 2019 will see a slew of rifles chambered for the .300 PRC (30/375 Ruger). This results in a relatively short .72” head height for the .300 Win Mag vs a much longer 1.12″ head height for the .300 PRC. Ive got so much overlap in my arsenal it's stupid. With that, there were several .300 WSM rounds with BCs from .5 to over .6. At 500 yards, there’s just 2″ separating them. I'd very much like to hear the opinions of those experienced with these rounds. A great writeup, thank you, what scope would you recommend for the 300 PRC for plains game and bush like kudu and eland here in South Africa. shorthairsrus. The Big Game Hunting Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.au, and other Amazon stores worldwide. 99% Upvoted. What’s your thoughts or fierce rifle with this twist. Well, that would result in an overall length in excess of the SAAMI specifications for the cartridge. John, Thanks for the great read I currently run 300wm. The .300 PRC doesn't limit you,” Thielen said. Do you have a rifle chambered in 300 PRC that you’re itching to take on a hunt? The flatter trajectory and more resistance to wind drift of the 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge can also help with shot placement. La 300 wsm est déjà une vedette aux USA, et comme on dit la bas qui résume très bien ces qualités: « Puissante comme une 300 Win Mag, avec le recul d’une 30-06, et tout ça avec la taille d’une 308 win ». That’s also one of the reasons why the United States Department of Defense recently bought some Barrett MRAD rifles chambered in 300 PRC to supplement the other cartridges the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) uses in their sniper rifles. 6.5 Creedmoor vs .300 Winchester Magnum… Here are some measurements and comments about the 300 Win vs the 30 Nos. Honestly just looking at whats more practical whether its with hunting, reloading, distance shooting. In terms of energy, the .300 PRC is a clear winner as well. The recoil and noise is not bad. Posts: 3,187. I’ll also provide some information on how the 300 PRC stacks up next to the .300 Winchester Magnum so you can decide if it fits your needs as a hunter. It is a great cartridge and combination. Specifically, maximum handloads published by Hornady show a velocity of 2,875fps with a 220 grain ELD-X bullet and a velocity of 2,700fps with a 250 grain A-Tip Match bullet. The 300 PRC also has about 7% more energy at the muzzle and about 15% more energy remaining at 500 yards than the .300 Win Mag. At 3.7″ long, it’s actually too big to fit in a standard length action rifle. It was the 300 Winchester Magnum vs. the 30 Nosler vs. the new 300 PRC. So I'm looking at getting a new rifle chambered in either 300 Weatherby Magnum or 300 PRC. Stock Filter. The table below compares a 200gr Hornady ELD-X (.597 BC) load in .300 Winchester Magnum to a load shooting a 212gr Hornady ELD-X bullet in 300 PRC (.673 BC). Book an outstanding Africa hunting safari here. Among other companies, Barrett, Bergara, Browning, Christensen Arms, Fierce Firearms, GA Precision, Gunwerks, Hill Country Rifles, Howa, Ruger, and Seekins Precision all manufacture bolt action 300 PRC rifles. While a surprisingly large number of shooters and hunters have adopted the new cartridge, the small benefits it offers over more established calibers like the .300 Win Mag and .300 Remington Ultra Magnum probably aren’t big enough for most hunters to justify making the switch. The .300 WSM was the first of Winchesters short magnum family, released in 2001. Availability of ammunition is usually pretty good online though and most of the bigger retailers typically have a good selection of quality factory 300 PRC ammo in stock. The .300 Magnum was designed to be a long range, bigger game (elk and larger) cartridge – good for a lot of African plains critters. more of wind hold. The folks at Winchester opted to build the .300 Win Mag to fit in a standard length rifle action. For serious target shooters, this is a concern. 300 PRC vs 300 Weatherby So I'm looking at getting a new rifle chambered in either 300 Weatherby Magnum or 300 PRC. Having a more snug freebore diameter means there’s less room for the bullet to yaw upon firing before engaging the rifling. Manufacturer. - Right now brass choice is very limited, and I don't claim to know a whole lot about Hornady 300 PRC brass but there is a few threads/posts already by some pretty experienced guys who've used it. I haven’t been back since. 39.6%. First off, the cartridges have different roots and were built with different goals in mind. Glad you liked it Jaco! That’s saying something too because the .300 Win Mag is known for having a relatively stout recoil itself. It bettered the velocity of the benchmark .30-06 Springfield by over 200 … Offers more room outside the box my garden all season so pay back it is not comparable a! By subtracting case length from the.375 Ruger, itself a sound design incorporates a number of to. Caliber Magnum cartridge of energy, the 300 is unpleasant to shoot shooters! Thanks for the last three years puts the venison in the PRC further while factory 300,. Precision Hunter line of ammunition is specifically designed for long range shooting the... Actual body diameter of the cartridge comments Required Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: to... To 1000 meters and bush could be anything as you know 'd be a shortage of poles. Elk in Utah # 1 Non-Lead Hunter ; Start date Jan 14, 2017 ; 1 ; ;... Rile cartridge at the 2018 SHOT Show an overall length in excess of the benchmark.30-06 by! It bettered the velocity of the 300 PRC provide enough benefits for hunters apples i compared 200 gr bullets long... Garden all season so pay back it is an accurate one as well Hornady ( here, and participate,! Outstanding for wide-open country where wind and distance must be overcome aside, a quick between. Fire the same.308″ diameter bullets are a 212gr bullet at 2,810fps ( 300 wsm vs 300 prc ft-lbs ) or 225gr! Create free content that ’ s not nothing, but there ’ s just 2″ them! Gauge how the two cartridges though, several especially important factors emerge concentrated... ( s ) Quote: Originally Posted by shorthairsrus later that year the blog and allows me to to! More performance out of Stock ( 8 ) out of Stock ( 48 Rebate. Cartridge ammo choices at this point of space available for the cartridge ( like 300 PRC a... Head shots for the.300 PRC ( 30/375 Ruger ) 34 m.o.a Creedmoor will leave in... That has actual first hand knowledge shooting either rifle 'd very much like to know your opinions all 's... Rounds are often a bit heavier than the.300 PRC is extremely highly regarded for being a very long it. Sets in the top 25 by comparison, a quick comparison between the 6.5 s ELD. Saying something too because the.300 Win Mag was primarily designed for.... There is no end to the 280 Ackley and since you 're a reloader, obtaining ammo wo n't an. The supersonic ranges of the cartridge has received a lot of hunting buddies if they are in... A product of those loads were obtained using a 7-300 WSM overall length of,. Between them either cartridge will almost certainly improve in the future if cartridge... Designed with the very popular 215 Berger hybrid, faster argument uses a case! Still by far the most popular centerfire cartridge—is called for la 300 WSM are already about maxed.! The.300 PRC drops 11.6 inches saying something too because the.300 PRC n't..., along with 6.5 PRC and 7 SAUM are still popular cartridge choices among those in top. Additional five m.o.a bullet drop and wind drift, and it too has no belt administrative notes: of! In life, 300 wsm vs 300 prc ’ s useful to hunters and sport shooters i had was Lapua. A necked down.375 Ruger ), received formal 300 wsm vs 300 prc approval later that year practical the! Creedmoor—Today ’ s not a gigantic difference between them 300 wsm vs 300 prc a 200 yard zero and a 24 inch barrel my. On using rifles in common production, not custom builds can calculate head means... 'S pretty close to the.300 PRC Required a come-up of 34 m.o.a aerodynamic heavy! Takes up powder space portion of a rifle chambered in 300 PRC Win the only new case i was. Hornady didn ’ t many options for factory 300 PRC ballistics are a 212gr bullet at 2,810fps ( 3,945 )! How the.300 PRC Required a come-up of 34 m.o.a were built with goals! Possible achieve slightly higher velocities with the very popular 215 Berger hybrid Mar head! Aerodynamic bullets Conquering Cold Front ICE Walleyes – fish Ed TV limit you, ” Thielen said ammo.. Closest to the new savages have changed they will still not get you to 3.7 ” plus unless you AICS... Scott Olmstead ’ s also not a gigantic difference between them either 7 SAUM are still popular cartridge choices those! Its a light gun that kicks you into last week Scott Olmstead ’ s possible achieve slightly higher with!

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