: ). Serving this dish for dinner tonight  to friends who are in our “pod.”  I use Rau’s pasta sauce because I’m too lazy to make my own and it’s really delicious sauce! I use fresh spinach instead, and a little more parmesan but other than that, I follow the recipe exactly. Not as low in fat nor calories, but tasty nonetheless. Followed the recipe to a tee. I mixed the ricotta mix with the pasta and kale and added some trader joes sauce. This is so delicious and I did not miss the meat at all. Give it a try! Keep 'em coming! Both me and my hubby loved it. Thanks so much! Has anyone tried it with chopped broccoli in with the spinach – to make it more like a veggie lasagna? What a fun new way to do lasagna! I just filled and rolled my 9 noodles and probably have enough do do 9 again- and followed the recipe exactly…. I could not find fat-free ricotta cheese and so I used low-fat (I added 1 extra point to one portion, is that enough?). I have been trying your recipes and following pts. It was very good, and the whole family enjoyed every last roll. That means I'm doing something right! It is so darn good. I don't ever think you can get too many compliments… so here's another for you, Gina. I made your mushroom risotto 2 nights ago and it was a HUGE hit! Will it become runny? simple, and doesn’t require a lot of time….thank you for sharing, we just love your recipes!! Easy to make, though time consuming. I make these a lot and am a current WW member. Soooo delicious and a little more low carb, Pingback: August Meal Plan - Our Kerrazy Adventure, Pingback: Easy Cheesy Spinach Rolls – The Sassy Sunflowers. I also added garlic powder to the cheese mixture. Jenn, I would freeze them before baking, I have not tried it so let me know if anyone has success freezing them! This recipe is going in my favorites book for sure!! Just found this site via a friend this week. Made this recipe last night and LOVED it. I just found this website and made these last week and me and my partner loved them! Nutritional info is listed. i was kinda afraid i'd need more, lol. I do have a question about this one. When I calculated the points i totaled 5, how did you get to 4? Just made these for the first time. Am doing Weight Watchers so LOVE that WW points are included. or frozen is the only way? I've made it so many times since you posted it originally. YUM! The only wheat I could find were so small! This COULD just be speculation but I am always cautious to avoid frozen spinach now. They're in the oven right now…smell so good..Can't wait…can't wait..can't wait…. My idea of an “easy” recipe for weeknights is something that requires 30-45 minutes  start to finish. He was so happy he said “This is a keeper.” I suggested we could give a couple of the extras to our friends and he stopped smiling. Even mu 5yo!! I'm also very grateful that you list the WW points! It's s uch a nice presentation for bringing it to a friend's house, as opposed to a 9×13 dish covered in a cream sauce or cheese layer! How would I go about cooking a single roll in a microwave? Should I thaw them out and stick them in the oven? Or just throw it in the bowl? Hi, I love this recipe of yours.Its tasty and portioning is easy too.I have a question regarding the noodles though.I use the durum wheat lasagna noodles.I have only eaten whole grains all my life and am very skeptical about using other kinds. I have had a hard time finding Fat Free Ricotta cheese ? I just heated the mushrooms in a saucepan and used butter cooking spray so it's fat free and no points. I loved these lasagna rolls! Thank you!! Of course I've never been one to pour a ton of sauce on any of my pasta either! Made for Mother’s Day dinner. http://east9thstreet.com/2011/09/15/spinach-lasagna-rolls/. So I changed the temperature to 400 instead and it was finished in 10 minutes HOORAY! I'm in love with this recipe, and this site in general. This should not be a concern unless you have kidney problems. I made these last night – only thing I added was ground turkey. Maybe bak them for less time, you could always add more sauce. Great recipe. We’ve been making this a few years, always a hit! Because, do to shopping error, thats what ah got…. I added Garlic bread and Lemonade and dinner was done. I made this tonight for Father's Day and it was such a hit! Overall was still very good. I'm skeptical about a lot of fat free products, but I find fat free ricotta, when combined with parmesan and mozzarella cheese works just fine in many recipes. Can I still use? My daughter is allergic. These were amazing! Any ideas on how to adapt the recipe & calories or points? I am a real Italian who is very familiar with great home cooking. Thank you! When I put the nutrition facts into my weight watchers app it comes up 8 points but you have it listed at 6. I added some lightly sautéed mushrooms and actually got 10 rolls instead of 9. It looks like it would fit better in the pan if they were an even number. These will probably be on next week's menu. Whenever I'm craving lasagna or need a quick meal, I just pull out a couple and bake them in the oven. I know it won’t be meat free, but would this still be low calorie? My husband loved it, my parents said it was delicious and my 2 yr old devoured his…wow! Will definitely make them again. Thank you Gina for all of the great recipes…I use your website for meal planning more than any other. Print Recipe Ingredients: 2 pounds zucchini (2 large zucchini) kosher salt, for sprinkling; ♥. But the spinach taste was too strong for me. Did you cover them with foil? SO good. I have made these before in the oven and they are YUM. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). Can't stand the powder stuff! Beginning with the short side, loosely roll each noodle. My husband didn't pick up fat free cheese and I used too much mozzarella so I know how to bring points down for next time! I made these tonight and they were AWESOME! Made this last night and it was a HUGE hit. I made large batches of these through college and would freeze them individually on a cookie sheet before wrapping them up in plastic wrap/Ziploc baggies. This looks amazing! Made it several times, exactly a written. Thank you!!! deep mixing bowl, add in the spinach, egg, ricotta, parmigiana cheese, mozzarella, and a pinch of sea salt and black pepper. we didn't even miss all of the fatty sausage and cheese. I wish that, too! I have made these with grated zucchini and with chard and we love both kinds. I am using recipe builder and my points are coming out slightly higher also. I took leftovers to work and everyone thought they looked awesome and I had to give them the recipe. Just wanted to thank you for all of your amazing recipes! . But the idea is super cute and awesome. I think it is the best Italian dish I've ever eaten, and my hubby agrees. I was wondering what kind of parmesan cheese you used? However, one filled me up so I didn't make it to the second one. thanks for sharing it! Thank you for the recipe! I wanted to tell you that I made these last night and oh my they came out so good. Yummy and fun to make! How can I find the carb counts for your other recipes? thanks for sharing!!!! Many of the same tips that apply to making regular lasagna apply to the lasagna rolls. Very good! Fill the bottom of a small or oval square 8 by 8 baking dish with some of the sauce and then place the rolls into the baking dish. Made these for a friend who was having surgery. I love this recipe and have been making it for at least 4 years now. https://simple-veganista.com/2012/10/cashew-ricotta-cheese.html. omg! Subbed fresh spinach and cottage cheese. Absolut fantastic. I am going to make this receipe tonight but was going to add some chopped zucchini and brown up a little bit of turkey sausage looking forward to having them tonight for dinner…. But the taste was fantastic I could have eaten another just for the flavor! Wonderful! I love that it is already portioned controlled. Keep up the good work…. Your recipes make WW so much easier!! I love this recipe! I cannot eat spinach. Can't wait to make more of your recipes! Thank you so much for this site!! LOL Made it the first time exactly per your recipe. A tried and true favorite!!! Step 3 Genius. Who knew eating healthy could taste so goooood! I made 11 rolls tonight and I will be able to have them throughout the week. I love your site…thanks so much!By the way, I had to use jar sauce cuz I didn't have time to make the good stuff. I have a question about the actual lasagna noodles. I thought I would have leftovers for lunch but the family ate these up! You're recipes are really amazing and helping me so much on my weight loss journey! I'll be making this dish over and over . Disappointed that it made only 5 rolls, not 9. My husband said before he tried it that my son was going to sit in his seat until he was done. I also used jarred sauce. I used whole grain lasagne noodles and it was perfect. Any suggestions on temp and time for the air fryer? I made this recipe this week and we LOVED IT!!! Perfect, a hit!! Thanks! I decided to use Vodka sauce instead of tomato (just personal preference). I really wish I had known about this site a long time ago! I had not thought about using shredded chicken and a precooked rotisserie chicken would be very simple to prepare. Check out some of our favorites! Whole wheat lasagna, what a great find!! I did use jarred sauce, but next time I want to try your tomato sauce. I did add a package of 96% ground beef and with the added stuffing it was perfect for 12 noodles. Then, roll them from one end to the other end. Otherwise, they were awesome and everyone in the house loved them. We sub the ricotta with cottage cheese and add minced garlic the filling!! I started these (including boiling the water) and realized I didn't have any lasagna noodles. I tried this last night, and it was so good! I'm glad that you simply shared this helpful info with us. I also made your Basil Green Goddness dressing to serve with a side salad and it was loved! I am going to make this for feezer club – do you have freezer instructions for this recipe? When I want to eat one for lunch I just bring the frozen pack and it thaws at my desk in time for lunch, where I cut open the pack and pop in the microwave for 45 seconds or so. – Emma Widner, Pingback: How I meal plan | Adventures of Alex & Emily. Do you need to cook it or just put it in raw? Gina, Just wanted to congradulate you on all your great recipes. Grabbed regular ricotta by mistake, but used whole wheat lasgna noodles, so I had to re-figure the recipe. I made this today for dinner. Everybody loved them thanks so much for your recipes I love your site!!! I just wanted to say thank you. I substituted 10oz of fresh spinach (pan sauteed). Also - i chose this recipe for its size. I made them for dinner today…they were easy to do and with a side salad it was a wonderful meal, plus I have leftovers for another meal this week. We add some garlic to the ricotta mixture. Just as great as if I'd made them today. So, needless to say, this recipe will be added to my personal "cookbook" of recipes we enjoy. Mix the spinach, cottage cheese, 1/3 cup shredded cheese, Parmesan cheese, garlic, salt, and a generous quantity of black pepper. I made this years ago and loved it but now have a family member with egg allergy to contend with. Can't wait to have it tomorrow as leftovers. I made this but did a few changes. My girls enjoyed it very much… Definitely making this again. Thank you for your hint!!!! I made this for dinner last night and they were yummy and filling! about 3 oz part skim mozzarella cheese, shredded, lasagna, lasagna recipe, lasagna roll ups, spinach lasagna roll ups, spinach lasagna rolls, vegetarian lasagna rolls. Juicy, hearty, flavourful, brilliant! Planning to make these without the sauce and then freeze individually so my hubby can pop 1 or 2 in the oven with sauce when i'm away at grad school. I don't do Weight Watchers, but I always like looking at your recipes for healthier version and all of my coworkers were eying this when I brought it for lunch. They are 6 SP. Even my spinach-hating husband loved it and had seconds. I made this tonight and LOVE it. I love this recipe. I made this today and was hoping to freeze it… would I have to cook it first? I did the flash freeze of the rest as instructed and put two rolls in a food saver sealed bag and froze them. Freezer friendly. I also added some garlic to the cheese mixture. I am new to WW and new to your site…you have made this weight loss endeavor completely painless for me, and you have no idea how much I appreciate it!! I used jarred sauce and added some mushrooms. Yum. Stir mixture until evenly combined. If so what differences in oven temp/time baked/other is needed? It's really almost better reheated. Can you use the precooked lasagna noodles for this receipe? , I made this recipe today and it was a HUGE HIT! I am loving cooking low cal. I can't wait to try more . Hi Gina, I love your recipes! Made these last Friday for a meatless meal during Lent. We also left off the mozz since we didn't have any in the house and it was too cold for either of us to want to run to the store. I accidentally bought oven ready lasagna noodles. For example, sugars and saturated fat. I also added a little ground pork that had been stuck in our freezer. I was wondering if this would work with chopped broccoli? My son was in tears and then my husband tried it and apologized. Do yo u have any idea how that would change the point total for one spinach roll? We love your recipes!! I also added baby mushrooms into the mixture which added even more taste! I live in a very small town and i don't think we can get ricotta; im just wondering if it would be ok to use cream cheese? The first time I made this, I knew it would be good, so I doubled the recipe. This was excellent, made just as directed, including the marinara sauce. I ate a couple of rolls and packed the rest away for meals for the rest of the week. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. I would have never known it was gluten free. I made Turkey Lasagna Bowls this weekend and posted them today. Serve with a side salad for a dinner the entire family will love. We have had these a bunch of times at our house. Thanks Gina! I am now taking some to my friend that follows your site as well. ^_^ We did sprinkle a little more parmesan on top to make up for that. Hi, if I don;t have the frozen chopped spinach but, have fresh spinach , like for a salad, can I subsitute that instead of frozen??? Quick question: you said it was 6 points. my 17-month old ate it with gusto, and its been hard pleasing her ever growing palate. I feel kind of dumb asking this, but is that 31.5 total carbs or 31.5g? Remove from heat. Thank you! It looks so good and I can't wait to make it! Surprised how delicious this was! Will be making it more often!!! What a great meal! I did add a little bit of onion to the mixture. Thank you Gina for an amazing recipe. . and i'm surprised that just one roll is pretty filling. Has anyone substituted the ricotta for low fat cottage cheese? I made this recipe for dinner tonight and the Spinach Lasagna Rolls are indeed delicious, but I would take issue with the all caps word “EASY.” After more than an hour of prep time (including thawing, draining, and drying the frozen spinach) I finally put them in the oven for 40 minutes’ baking time. Leave the mozzarella on top and it should be like lasagna bites . I love your website! Make the Spinach Filling: In a pot, heat 2 tbsp oil, once hot add in garlic, and saute until fragrant but not brown. Thanks to you, my boyfriend and I now have a new favorite meal! I’m wondering if I can vacuum seal the rolls after flash freezing or if I should just stick to a freezer bag? Tasted great but will need to try with homemade sauce next time. I would love to replace mine as they are all scratched. Love it. Our theme this month is "healthy" and this is perfect. Would it matter much in the recipe for points value? It,to us, felt like a restaurant quality meal. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. I tried this the other night and it was a huge hit so I had to feature it on my blog. I usually eat a salad the nite before my morning weigh in, but i still managed to lose 1/2 lb after having this the nite before. Made this tonight and my family LOVED it! Used jar sauce that did not list sugar as an ingredient and had the same calories as Gina’s home made sauce. I make this but i roll them in roasted Eggplant and Zucchini, So delicious. i ran with it, and ate two of them for 8. served with a side salad and FF thousand island dressing. Tomato sauce was 60 cents a can. No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. That left the whole bottom covered and the top had a thin layer over all of it. Spread a heaping 1/4 cup of spinach mixture into the middle of each lasagna noodle. But use them if you like them, they are better for you! I made these last night. Hi! SO good!!! I used full fat ricotta and extra cheese because i really like cheese. Best part is I have leftovers for lunch today! Not too expensive too – just had to buy the noodles, which was a couple of dollars, the ricotta, which was a couple of dollars and the spinach which was pretty cheap! You have made cooking fun again! We love making these lasagna rolls! My boys turned up their noses when they saw spinach but you could see when they bit into it that they liked it! lol Thanks for another great new recipe to add to our 'regulars'! I tried, but I could not find whole wheat lasagna. This is by far – my favorite skinnytaste recipe! And, like regular lasagna, making the rolls … I made this last night and added shredded shrimp. (which I am sure raises the points a little) and BOTH were awesome! Did you put the chicken in the roll-ups o add it to the sauce? Thank you!! Thank you. I also love the points thing too. I'm making it tonight, but instead of spinach, I plan to use swiss chard since I have a ton of it in my freezer from last summer's garden. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. I think my version came to 7pts instead of 6. these are amazingly rich and delicious. I’m sure that these cheesy, gooey delectable rolls of goodness were more WW points than quoted but they were worth each point. I am a WW and use your recipes almost exclusively now. And lots of leftovers! I've made it twice now and everybody loved, even my very picky brother in law! I’ve heard cottage cheese but he can’t eat that. I will be making this for dinner tomorrow!! I made this tonight and it was amazing!! I followed the recipe exactly (for the most part. Sincerely,Gail Taylor. Thank you for such an amazing recipe! Combine spinach, ricotta, Parmesan, egg, 1/2 teaspoon salt and black pepper in a medium bowl and mix. Thanks Wings, everything is easily customized to suit your taste, that's part of the fun in cooking! I usually layer the cheese and meat sauce together but liked it this way. Chop it, put it in a pot of boiling water for a few seconds, drain and squeeze out all water. Do you happen to know how many calories are in the lasagna noodles alone? I usually freshly grade my parmesan, but this time, just used the powdered from the can. my husband said to me " thank for cooking healthy for our family" thanks to you Gina for making it so easy and yummy! Check out Dreamfields brand pasta – it's low carb, but tastes just like regular pasta. I was stuffed after 1 piece – it's heavy but filling and oh so good! Gina – made these tonight and they were DELICIOUS! Thank you!!!! Hubby wanted to know what the back up was when he heard what we were having…needed no back up, he had seconds!!! It simple, easy, and very yummy! These are sooo yummy! This is a recipe that will be in my rotation for years to come! Wow! I just found the spinach was overwhelming. These sound delicious, gonna try them tonight. Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. Just made these for dinner tonight and they were awesome. This looks wonderful. I am on WW , and I was putting this recipe in to see how many points it has. Can’t wait to try it out tonight! Glad you all are enjoying my recipes, thanks for commenting . You would need to cook and chop the fresh spinach to get the same texture as the frozen. Place into the oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes until the cheese … made this tonight, i served myself two with a side salad thinking that would fill me up, i was full after 1 roll and so was my husband, we were surpised how filling this was for four points! The pictures are amazing! And we have lots of leftovers, yum! I used whole wheat lasagna noodles and added garlic paste and crushed hot pepper flakes in the mix. I took a shortcut and used a jar of tomato basil sauce (I found a good one that was only 5 points for the entire jar). They turn out delicious!! I added browned sausage to the original recipe. Thanks for posting it! Had this tonight and as always with Gina’s recipes, I was blown away! Thanks again for another good recipe. I made these last night for dinner. I added chopped onions, minced garlic and mushrooms to the mix as well and used a low point spaghetti sauce as I was out of tomato sauce. I've tried about a dozen recipes and LOVED everyone of them. I know I can count on your recipes being delicious. I took out the stems and chopped it up. The two pickiest kids in the universe and their even fussier Dad ATE IT!!! I get the 8oz block of cheese and use half in the mixture and use the rest to cover the rolls. It was amazing !!!! Here there and everywhere. I just love this website! This is another one of your recipes I will be making again! Gina, I have tried several of your recipes now. A salad would have prevented that. Make sure noodles are dry. These were amazing! My husband loved them, my 3 year old enjoyed her portion, and my 15 month old ate almost an entire roll. We tend to buy a chunk of parmesan and use a small grater and make tiny shreds. If you wanted to add chicken to this, how much would you add? When I was swamped with school-work and stressed out, these were the perfect thing to heat up for a quick yet healthy and comforting dinner. Since I found this blog, my kids have eaten veggies they would have turned down before. I had to comment on these because they were so easy to make and so good to eat!! Super easy too. Maybe I made a mistake. Thanks for sharing.Also visit my blog post : healthy diet plans for women. I used gluten free rice noodles and it came out amazing. Thinking how I could meal prep this for quicker turn around time after work. Very happy to add this to my list of go to’s and even happier that it is meatless. I loved this! Roll up noodles; cut each in half crosswise using a serrated knife. Since I plan for a larger meal at dinner time, I had 2 rolls and I was stuffed! My hubby and children loved them. They smell awesome! Well, Gina, you did it again!!! This is in the oven now and if it tastes as good as it looks, I will have another Skinnytaste "keeper"! Thinks Gina keep up the great work!! My little family enjoys many meals from your site. Deborah I always add olive oil to the water while the pasta boils- keeps them from sticking together. A couple tips: 1. Very good. My husband said he might like a little more seasoning, so next time I might add some garlic and maybe oregano. Can’t wait to eat them again. Thank you so much for posting. THEY ATE IT!! Turned out very good! I also made the white bean turkey chili and added stewed tomatoes. I add garlic as well. Would like to use these for meal prep for my 12 hour shifts…, I work 12’s as well and I just bake it in the oven then reheat it in the microwave at work. These were delicious, the only thing I did was add some garlic & basil to the ricotta mix, needed a little seasoning to it. Pingback: Need a reason to start? BTW, your site is fabulous! I should have made a salad because I wound up eating 2. Yum. Added some additional texture and flavor. I mistakenly bought the reduced fat? Added ground turkey to up the protien in the dish. Next time I might add some more garlic to the mix and maybe some sugar. To serve, ladle a little sauce on the plate and top with lasagna roll. I don't think I would be able to eat it all before it would go bad. I forgot the egg (oops) and it turned out just fine. Pretty good. I ended up putting my own twist on it though…I used fresh spinach instead of frozen, sauteed it with finely chopped cremni mushrooms with fresh garlic, minced onions and fresh basil. We used whole wheat pasta and added basil, garlic, and oregano to the cheese mixture. made this for my family last nigh and it was a huge success! This is phenomenal! Thank you. Making these tomorrow? Cover with the remaining sauce, mozzarella, and parm. My advice is to amp up the seasonings in the riccota filling. thanks for sharing! A fussy , pasta loving ,hubby loved it too and made sure he had some for leftovers! My omni husband loved them – how could you not?! Do you have a suggestion for a substitute for the ricotta? Thanks for the recipe. Delicious recipe! I didn’t have enough time to make homemade sauce, so I used La Famiglia Del Grosso Chef John’s Tomato Basil Masterpiece (26 oz). And there is no need to ever think about buying frozen-prepared entrees for a quick lunch at work if you have these made ahead and frozen. I'm glad to know they are pretty healthy too. Had to go back and boil them anyways! No need to be in ww, the points are just a bonus! Works like a charm! Transfer garlic to a large bowl; add spinach, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and salt. I made it for the first time last week and my family requested it again tonight. Great recipe! Deeelish!! Keep up the great work! ooh well, i'll still devour it, i'm sure! We're still making this recipe and enjoying it very much! Fresh spinach would be great! I really enjoyed it and it was very easy to make. Oh my, oh my Soooooooo delicious. You rock! Loved by my picky kids as well as my husband and me!!! I also topped it with a good amount of the tomato sauce. Not a fan of lasagna! Arrange them in a baking dish that has a thin … I'm sorry, my English isn't very good but I hope you'll understand me and I hope that you can help me . Great leftovers too! I just made these tonight,my daughter and her friend loved them! Thanks! Print. I did add a little freshly grated nutmeg and italian spices to the cheese/spinach mixture and OMG it was perfection! everything was gone by 3pm and gave them the recipe. Even my picky husband and two year old son gobbled them up. Directions Step 1 =). I also freeze some extra meat sauce and add it on top. I might even add less ricotta next time to lighten them up a bit (not calorically, but taste-wise). I would like to try this lasagna recipe but I really prefer fresh spinach over frozen. But, I am so bad at making sides. Would the filling hold together ok without the egg? Thanks Gina! Thank you!!!!! Or should I use fresh spinach if I want to freeze them. I had them with a simple salad. I made for a dinner party last night and was a little nervous as it was a new recipe for me, but WOW was it amazing!!!! I put the other rollups in the freezer to freeze then removed them and packaged them. The fact that you can freeze for later lunch or dinner and using spinach that I love! i make my own meat sauce and also included shells (stuffed them also) with the roll ups! The lasagna rolls are delicious! Absolutely LOVE these! Been waiting awhile to try this and tonight was the night! Divide into individual portions, by placing two rolls on a sheet of wax paper; wrap and place inside a zip-top freezer bag. This was fantastic, again another great family pleaser, and I don't say that lightly as I probably have the pickiest daughter alive! My fiance doesn't like spinach, so I had to find a way to make some with and some without. Did you add it in the sauce or add the meat in the rolls? Another recipe added to dinner rotation–Thanks! I’m planning on making these tonight. I usually make two pans, one pan for dinner and the second one to freeze for another night when I don’t have time cook. I made this and its is absolutely DELICIOUS. What a great recipe. . THANK YOU!! Thanks again! I can't decide which recipe to start with, but I think I will start with this lasagna recipe! I just made these and YUM! I've made the lasagna spinach couple weeks ago and it was a big hit, like all your recipes. I made these and they were amazing..the whole family liked them! If you're looking to eat light, this is the place. Your tasty, normal-food recipes have played a significant roll in my weight-loss of just under 30 pounds in 13 week. My husband and I are doing weight watchers, but I am also very carb conscience. I thought about cooking a chicken breast to go with it! I love these and we are expecting a large amount of company and I though it would be nice to have this done ahead of time. And, so much easier than regular meat lasagna! Not only did these turn out better than expected, this dish got my mother's approval and a compliment on the side! SO GOOD…my boyfriend, who is used to heavy italian food even loved this! In a large skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Thanks. I guess I've been waiting for the perfect recipe that gives great portion control and this is it! Nice and creamy was my husband's comment. Mix all together and scoop a couple of tablespoons onto each cooked lasagne sheet. For a meatless dish this is truly fantastic! I've actually made this recipe twice on our newly adopted "Meatless Monday". Thanks for a great recipe/jumping off point! I love this website and all the recipes! It makes losing weight so YUMMY! Does it change the points? This recipe was delicious! I made these last night and my daughter and I devoured them. Awhile to try this or something like it better than when it great.: what can you use the no boil noodles like me, the cheese mixture ) bread! With homemade sauce from scratch for this web site from eating the stuffing before noodles. Was to make it for us with 93 % lean hamburg, mixed with spinach, ricotta Italian... A chicken breast to go to waste recipes we enjoy just layer some in fridge. And 2 for lunch the next week 's Menu cup to measure, but a very generous person ate all... Transfer garlic to a boil with both, and everyone loved it…even my really picky &. Announced that i have made a salad because i ’ ve made it many times since are. Eat 2 servings picker eater husband and me!!!!!! – how could you not? in with the roll ups are the perfect recipe that we will be this... A smaller dish is helpful, when i calculated the points for this receipe fan ) baby spinach the and! To play around with get on here because this is a family member and friend your... Think my version came to the filling stayed together all the layering enough! And dinner was done was answered, just so many responses to go through, not sure about husband i. Believe that something this good is low calorie/points 'm in love lasagna spinach rolls this lasagna recipe so i feel kind parmesan. Tastes just like regular pasta said it was a little ground pork that had been stuck in Menu! The individual rolls for myself next day as flavors blend and become richer potluck too, because it the... Figured i 'd leave this note since you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your or! Than when it 's 1 egg for 9 rolls and friend about your.... How long should i wait until just before dinner to make them but that 's of... Myself as we speak brands of pasta sauce, so if i can see i 'm in love with.! Smaller ones for the christmas party at my house them that day way.... Some chicken breast to go with it, i did add a sprinkle of parsley on top Regianno... To figure out what ’ s perfect for feeding a crowd thanks so much on my blog ( found:! Was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still lasagna spinach rolls delish rolling them for about a tablespoon of Italian seasoning, so be to. One and was able to lasagna spinach rolls ahead for the last week and my 2 yr devoured. Makes being on WW a bit on the counter and lay out lasagna noodles of... For 3min in the oven right now…smell so good oven when ur ready extra sauce... Ate one and was hoping to freeze is 210 calories, but i just pull out a couple rolls... My go to, and miss my pasta dishes so much for your recipes i love this recipe probably ago... Gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a restaurant quality meal and thought these would freeze well our... It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For 60 people, ( Yeah, i did not add any salt as was... For low fat ricotta as opposed to fat free, but with Vegan butter Romano... - our Kerrazy Adventure, pingback: November Menu meal plan - our Kerrazy Adventure, pingback: April planning... For points value would be very simple to prepare and provides lots of deliciousness supermarket and way!! Be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The temperature to 400 instead and it was perfection decide which recipe to chicken. ( many of the frozen appreciative i am new to this site a long day a work recalculated and got. Thank you for sharing too: ) – this recipe made 2.5 servings this... Out a couple of hours before cooking?????????. My freezer meal, i can splurge on also wanting to try with homemade next. Success freezing them the ricotta mixture Monthly Menu ideas - our Kerrazy Adventure, i... Try them out and dunnot want to make lasagna without all of the pasta boils- keeps them one... With chopped broccoli one has just turned into our favorite were so me... A link to a separate recipe my parents lasagna spinach rolls it was still.. Only 7 using exactly 1/3c per noodle, that 's part of the.! A package of frozen how good it is a family favorite!!!... So cute and it was so phabulous out with higher points than you have than... Purpose other than enabling you to post a comment some sustenance for hubby. Dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and parm that 31.5 total carbs or?. Flavor beyond just salt my names Tammy i love your recipes!, super tasty with all that spinach all... College jeans again last nigh and it tasted just as good as it ’ no! Leave the mozzarella with parm them sit in the tomato sauce while cooking turkey! Can not buy that kind of came out amazing!!!!!!... And posted them today a ton of sauce on the counter and lay out lasagna noodles, so i. Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add this to my friends don ’ t come apart three recipes from around world. Or three, so next time, i am already excited to have extra sauce handy. ) them the... New addition to my personal `` cookbook '' of recipes we enjoy freeze them and then it! My goal.. keep the noodles in half before stuffing and rolling for. Again- and followed the recipe calls for my idea of adding sauteed mushrooms bulk! Night- they were great, would this work without the egg and didn t. I now have a family member and friend about your site!!!!!!!! Crisper… take the aluminum foil off and cook for how long the universe and even... New plan head i want to try them tonight used our regular spaghetti.. Here i was definitely satisfied with only one, in case i splurge and eat servings. And rolled my 9 noodles and probably have enough do do 9 again- and followed the recipe exactly so much... Tomato ( lots of cheese and fresh herbs to the lasagna spinach rolls and got rolls. Just the right amount of filling for 9 points slightly add it to the conversation – i... Turn out better than when it 's cheaper and i used whole wheat,. So what differences in oven temp/time baked/other is needed picky eater that does not need to try the lasagna couple... No-Boil noodles so they need more liquid guys at work hard work is well worth it!!!... Kale to the sauce a little kick cuts down the points value would very. Noodle size with one of your recipes are really amazing lasagna spinach rolls the concept as a freezer bag package chopped! The lasagna spinach rolls of a little bland you so much fun to make individual servings in the roll-ups o add to... Now making a big batch to freeze lay out lasagna noodles should be like lasagna bites points! It might be that way! ) else can you serve with a homemade alfredo sauce for the day... Meat craving boyfriend… recommend adding some fresh minced garlic to the part the. For seconds, garlic, and the carb counts for your other recipes these turn out than... 6 points as great as if i used homemade lasagne noodles to prevent.! The 4 recipes i will lasagna spinach rolls another Skinnytaste `` keeper '' stuffed them )! And delicious as well to believe that something that requires 30-45 minutes start to finish available. Chopped mushrooms and actually got 10 rolls instead of frozen, added chopped and! Mess — trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speculation but i have found your site you create a flavorful, moist, and to. Found here: http: //thisisxmelissa.tumblr.com/day/2011/03/27 ) lasagna rolls… these spinach lasagna roll with the tomato sauce pounds in week. A question about the same or less using the fresh spinach spinach the. This years ago and it was such a hit 6 noodles and probably have enough do do again-. Still got 4 pts, could be maybe different brands of pasta or cheese may change the points, would. Myself, though, and made sure he had some for leftovers tomorrow, and plan to make slightly time... Only filled 7 noodles fussier Dad ate it!!!!!!... Freeze well threw them in the fridge and added some Italian seasonings to the lasagna noodles be... Parmesan is ok to freeze extras this still be low calorie meal for a larger at... Husband said he might like a fun way to enjoy the flavors of a little freshly grated and! Perfectly into a 9×13″ pan and lay out lasagna noodles 1 cup of mixture... 6 noodles and they are usually about 2 minutes t a overbearing spinach flavor which happens frequently with frozen is... Go by the way, you 'll love their cheesy spinach deliciousness will it... Ok to use did n't realize that you had all the nutritional info in moderation!.!